Qiyin Fang, Founder and CEO

Dr. Fang is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at McMaster University. He is a Fellow of SPIE and expert in FLIM technology. Dr. Fang and his colleagues started to develop the McFocal technology when he first moved to McMaster.

MorganMorgan Richards

Mr. Richards has extensive experiences in confocal microscopy and related technologies.



Anthony Tsikouras

Dr. Tsikouras has over 10 years’ experiences in developing the McFocal technology.

Jin Ning

Mr. Ning has over 20 years’ experience in the advanced microscopy imaging industry through various positions in Leica China including manager of technical support for northern China and director of technical sales. Mr. Ning developed the first generation McFocal FLIM system between 2008-2010 at McMaster.


Advisory Board

David W. Andrews

David W. Andrews, PhD., Director of Biological Sciences, Sunnybrook Research Institute and Professor of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto. Professor Andrews is a world-renowned expert in molecular cell biology and related imaging technologies for drug discovery. Dr. Andrews collaborated with Dr. Fang since 2006 in the development of the multiplexed confocal FLIM technology and their applications in high content screening. Dr. Andrews is an opinion leader in the advanced microscopy application sector. He will work with the team in engaging end users in this sector as well as potential partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry.

Richard Berman

Dr. Richard Berman founded Spectral Applied Research (Spectral) a company built on taking optical concepts to the advanced microscopy market. Spectral has been acquired by Andor in 2015 and now is part of Oxford Instruments. Dr. Berman participated in this technology development with Dr. Fang and Dr. Andrews since 2006.

Paul Grunthal

Mr. Grunthal has over 20 years’ experiences in managing University technology portfolios. Mr. Grunthal represents the McMaster Industry Liaison Office (MILO) and will work with the team managing its IP portfolio and technology transfer.

Guodong Shen

Mr. Shen has 20+ years investment experiences in North America and China. Currently, he is the managing partner of HYRK, a private equity investment firm that specialized in the Biotechnology sector. Mr. Shen has been working with Dr. Fang since 2000 on various technology consulting projects. As the Chair of the Advisory Board, Mr. Shen will work with the team to develop strategies and steps to attract investments.

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